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A Life in 40 Days

Jack works night shift, in a country hospital, in Emergency. And he hates it. Dealing with the continual burden of critical decision, the punitive nature of the health system on its young doctors is starting to weigh him down. All this, despite the togetherness of the rest of his life, anchored by a supportive girlfriend and seemingly perfect upbringing.   It’s not until we learn about his uncle’s death, on the day before Jack’s tenth birthday that cracks from his childhood begin to widen.

Alienation from his father, drug abuse and a period in a psychiatric hospital all lurk behind Jack’s façade of success. So when an opportunity for infidelity arises, his perspective warped, he sees no reason to resist. monogram_finalThus begins the unravelling of his fragile world; the final thread linked to the death of his uncle, on Friday the thirteenth of May, 1988.


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A Time for Grace