A Time for Grace

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Released on 17 March 2017

IVF_icon_rgb_webSusan and Mark are a successful, mid-thirties couple, with the world at their feet. Yet, following a disturbing series of mishaps, they discover that Susan is unable to have children, and to have the family they’ve always wanted, they’ll have to go through IVF.

For Mark, a Paediatrician, being the patient is not an easy fit. And after working with children all day, the concept that he might not have his own is shattering.  For Susan, her world threatens to fall apart, and it is not until a chance encounter with a strange woman in a café that their luck seems to turn around, and they can begin the journey that they so desperately want.

And along the way, they discover that – even though things don’t always turn out how you expect – the journey usually teaches you more about yourself than the final destination.

A Time for Grace is a deeply personal emotional journey about the experience of loss, wanting to have kids, and learning that Mark and his wife were infertile;  a journey of loss from a man’s perspective, something Australian men are notoriously poor at expressing.  Furthermore, as a doctor, Mark had to learn what it was to be on the other side of the equation.  And he learnt about how vulnerable we can be, especially when we are no longer in control.

In itself somewhat unusual because of just that – he is an Aussie bloke (admittedly an Aussie bloke who is also a Paediatrician) writing about the experience of losing a pregnancy, going through IVF, and the long road of creating our own family. monogram_final

He wrote this to let you know that there are men out there willing to voice their own experiences about the most sensitive and exquisitely painful experiences of life.

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A Time for Grace



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