External Resources – Children’s Health

The following websites have amazing resources for children’s health issues.  Click on the links below to be redirected to these websites:


 Royal Children’s Hospital – Kids Health Info

A vast range of parent fact sheets, in non-medical terms, on both common and complex paediatric conditions (ie, ‘birthmarks’ to ‘Berlin Heart’)

Raising Children Network

An amazing website, with resources for common paediatric issues, categorised by condition (sleep, eating, behaviour etc.) and by age (newborn, baby, toddler, child etc.)

Better Health Channel

Funded by the State Government of Victoria – incredibly comprehensive – if you don’t find your question in the sites above, try this one. Listed by condition (ie, under ‘A’ you’ll find ‘anaphylaxis’, ‘anthrax’, ‘arthritis’ etc.)

Women’s and Children’s Hospital South Australia

Parenting and Child Health information – like the Raising Children Website, with excellent advice for practical and common conditions, listed by name. (eg ‘being a dad’, ‘peer pressure’, ‘separation anxiety’)

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

A bit more high tech –  perfect if your child has a diagnosis and needs to go to a larger hospital, helping to demystify procedures and disease processes.

Continence Foundation of Victoria (CFA)

One Step at a Time  – a brilliant step-by-step toilet training booklet from CFA, for if you’re stuck with toilet training.

About Parenting

Articles on all facets of raising a child – just what you needed…

Bites and Stings – Health Direct

Australian information for management of animal bites, insect bites, sea creature bites, snake bites, spider bites, and management of stinging plants

National Asthma Council of Australia

Great resources for parents and kids, including the Asthma Buddy app for Asthma plans.

Asthma Australia

Lots of great asthma resources, including a fantastic asthma treatment reference chart.

Cardiology Fact Sheets – Royal Children’s Hospital

Orthopaedic Fact Sheets – Victorian Paediatric Orthopaedic Network

Sleep Health Fact Sheets – Sleep Health Foundation



None of these?  You think your question is too specific?  Then check out this site:

RCH Links Directory

It has links from Ask a Pediatrician a Question Online to Let’s Read  to Playgroup Australia  to While Children Sleep.  An inordinately broad list of resources.



External Resources – IVF for Men

The following websites have helpful information in relation to IVF for Men.  Click on the links below to be redirected to these websites:


IVF 101

An introduction to IVF, a nuts and bolts guide from Jacob Franek about IVF for men.

Questions Men Ask

A really simple set of answers to common questions from men, from the great team at Ballarat IVF.

Male Fertility test

All you ever wanted to know about the technical aspects of the fertility test.

A Checklist for Male IVF

A simple list of steps to improve your chances of IVF Success, from exercise to dietary advice.

A Female Perspective

From loss of masculinity to loss of control, this is an interesting viewpoint on IVF for men.

Male Fertility Predictor

A five step calculator that reviews your history and predicts fertility from IVF Australia.

The Sample

A personal story from Christopher Scanlen about his experience of IVF as a man.

IVF for Men and Women – A Time for Grace

For more information about my book, on IVF for men and women, click here.



My Resources

My Fact Sheets – of which there are quite a few – when I get a spare second… * **



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