Video of Book Launch at Readings for ‘A Time for Grace’

All right, I’m back.


I thought I’d have a little breather after the Book Launch at Readings Hawthorn last weekend.


That book launch, on 30th April, was the fulfillment of a dream come true.


Thank you to all who came, and specifically, to IVF specialist and good friend, Joseph Sgroi, for being the host, and to Nathan Curnow, award winning poet, for being the launcher.


Nathan did such an exquisite job with his speech that it would be negligent of me not to share this with you all.


Feel free to skip my speech, but do yourself a favour and listen to Joe, for his intro, and then Nathan, for his poetic words and equisite comedic timing.


I’m not smart enough to figure out how to embed a massive file into this page, so I’ll let YouTube do it for me, below…

* * * * *

Mother’s Day is on Sunday!  A perfect gift – signed copies can be ordered through .  🙂

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