I help people every day. I am a professional listener and problem solver. That’s what a paediatrician does.
Mark is a practising paediatrician, working with children of all ages.

He has tremendous compassion for the parenting journey, from pre-conception through childhood. In particular, Mark is interested in addressing and allaying parental fears – answering classic questions that come in the following form: “Is it normal that my child does this?”

“Thank you, too, for your extremely generous advice (and for just listening) when it came to all our issues with Bea. There have been some very trying moments for me this year, and talking things through with you helped me enormously. You, Dr Nethercote, are a very kind man, indeed.”

– Bridget


My aim is to write about life in a compassionate, caring and honest way. To connect to that deep, human emotion that makes every one of us tick.

Mark is a passionate and humorous writer, with an extensive range of genres, from fiction, to travel writing, to personal experience, to health information.

He has a forthcoming book, A Time for Grace, to be published in March 2017, based on his and his wife’s experience of IVF, in conceiving their first child.

“I was searching for “potato gems” to explain to a friend what they are when I happened upon your blog. I’ve spent half the morning laughing, and half in tears. It looks like I have about 18 months of entries to catch up on, and I can’t wait to read the new installments – your blog is just, simply put, magic!”

– Esther


I seek out the aspects of life that shine light on even the most difficult situations.

As a paediatrician and a writer, there are many linking themes in Mark’s life, but the most central of them all is one which he has been privileged to share – parenthood.

“In a world where many people do not discuss what is perceived to be a taboo topic, I found it comforting to hear about a fellow IVF’ers ride on that cliché emotional rollercoaster! Thank you for sharing.”

– Bel

This story is very tragic and your writing of it made me feel like I was in the room right there with you as broke the devastating news. You’re a talented writer and physician. Thank you for doing what you do.

– Brittney