Later school starts for teens

An interesting insight, from a paediatrician in the US (read: pediatrician) who has home-schooled his daughter, and advocates for the later start to school days.  Check out this well written, well researched article here.

And more influentially, he references an article in Pediatrics, the world’s biggest paediatric journal, and the position statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics, given the change in teenagers’ circadian sleep cycles, recommending the following:

The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly supports the efforts of school districts to optimize sleep in students and urges high schools and middle schools to aim for start times that allow students the opportunity to achieve optimal levels of sleep (8.5–9.5 hours) and to improve physical (eg, reduced obesity risk) and mental (eg, lower rates of depression) health, safety (eg, drowsy driving crashes), academic performance, and quality of life.

Interesting times ahead.

Now, if The Lancet would just advocate for ward rounds to begin at 9.30am…

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